Guide to True Belief



Dr. James H. Robertson


Edited by Fara Williams




Mastery of the Word of Yahweh -        Chapter 1



The Beginning -                                       Chapter 2



Prayer –                                                   Chapter 3



The Whole Armor of Yahweh –            Chapter 4



Picking and looking for an assembly   Chapter 5


Yahweh’s Word -                                  Chapter 6


Things to Contend with –                     Chapter 7


NAMES                                                    Chapter 8







You know, we as human being’s have a soul, but also the universe has a soul. The soul of all souls is the infinite light of the Creator of all things.


As much as the human soul yearns for the infinite light of its Creator, much more so does the Creator yearn to be found within the human soul?


As much as the soul of this universe yearns to reunite with the infinite light of its Creator, much more so does the Creator yearn for His infinite light to enter within His world.


If so, what force could stand between them? What could hold back the Creator’s infinite light?


Only His desire that this union occur with our consent, that we be the ones to open the door.


“Open for me just as wide as a pinhole,” The Creator beseeches us, “and I will open for you as the entranceway of a great hall.”



2Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is breathed by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness,”

Nothing that you can see came into existence just happened or by itself. Everything must be created and therefore there must be a creator.


Yahweh has a desire to talk with us and the Scriptures is the tool in which He can speak or communicate with us! So therefore the Scriptures are the Road Map of Life and the inspired Word of Yahweh.


Yahshua told us that the Scriptures are truth and as important as food.


John 17:17, “Set them apart in Your truth – Your Word is truth.1 Footnote: 1See Ps. 119:142, 151.”


Matthew 4:4 KJV, “But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Yahweh.”


The Word of Yahweh tells us that it can be trusted always.


Matthew 5:17-18 CJB "Don't think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete.  (18)  Yes indeed! I tell you that until heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a yud ( y ) or a stroke will pass from the Torah — not until everything that must happen has happened.

The Scriptures is a covenant between Yahweh and man!


Chapter 1


The Mastery of the Word


The scripture John 1:1 NKJ, say’s, “In the beginning was the Word and the word was with Yahweh, and the Word was Yahweh.” The Word already existed, and He was with Yahweh, because He was in the beginning with Yahweh.


Moses being a prophet of Yahweh, was the first of the people to write down what Yahweh was telling the prophets,  . So in the beginning the Word was given to Moses to write, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. This is that Yahweh and actually the Set-apart spirit moved the prophets to write the scriptures. So this is how the scriptures were originally given.


Now, we ask ourselves what profit are the scriptures to the believer?


2 Timothy 3:16 says; “All scripture is given by inspiration of Yahweh, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”


The scriptures are a road map for us:


The Scriptures do tell us the path to walk.

The Scriptures teach us what wrong we do:

This is at a conscious and unconscious level.


They teach us the true meaning of Yahweh:


*By his Word as the Master of our life.

*Above all teach us to do Yahweh’s will.

*Yahweh’s way of preparing us for good things.

*what he wants us to do.


When we have committed ourselves to the Mastery of Yahshua the Messiah, what as newborn believers, are we exhorted to do?


1 Peter 2:2, “as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby.”


2 Timothy 2:15 “Do your utmost to present yourself approved to Elohim, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of Truth.”


Each day we are to crave spiritual nourishment and grow for Salvation, We are to spread the Word of Yahweh and not be ashamed of it:


As in John 1:1, the Word is “Yahshua.”


While we are submitting to the Mastery of Yahshua, we must submit to the Mastery of the written Word of Yahweh. Yahweh’s written Word is his thoughts, opinions, ideas and personality that is, Yahweh’s Word is His expressed WILL to man.


Luke 6:46, “But why do you call me ‘Master, Master’, and not do what I say?”


If you will not obey the Word of Yahweh then you cannot call Yahshua Master.


If you obey the Word of Yahweh then Yahshua can teach you strength, and those who won’t obey crumble and die.


Now, no matter what our opinions, objections, or reasoning’s might be, they must be brought into submission to Yahweh’s Word.


What must we do with our reasoning’s, imaginations, or any thoughts that would exalt itself above Yahweh’s Word?


2 Corinthians 10:5, “overthrowing reasoning’s and every high matter that exalts itself against the knowledge of Elohim, taking captive every thought to make it obedient to the Messiah,


To use Yahweh’s Word as a weapon to overcome our rebellious ideas:


Matthew 4:4, “but he answered and said ‘it is written, ‘man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahweh.”


That this is the spiritual food of the Born From Above Believers that we must feed on the Word of Yahweh!


2 Corinthians 4:4, “in whom the mighty one of this age(1) has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, so that the enlightening of the Good News of the esteem of Messiah, who is the likeness of Elohim, does not shine on them.” (Footnote: (1)See Luke 4:6.)


In essence, what has the mighty one of this world done?


HaSatan has blinded the minds of those who do not believe, so they are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News that is shining upon them, because we are in a world filled with carnality and sin, we find that sin and the things of this world have molded our minds. We must transform our minds.


Romans 1:21-25, because, although they knew Elohim, they did not esteem Him as Elohim, nor gave thanks, but became vain in their reasoning’s, and their undiscerning heart was darkened.  (22)  Claiming to be wise, they became fools, (23) and changed the esteem of the incorruptible Elohim into the likeness of an image of corruptible man, and of birds and of four-footed beasts and of reptiles.  (24)  Therefore Yahweh gave them up to uncleanness in the lust of their hearts, to disrespect their bodies among themselves,  (25)  who changed the truth of Elohim into the falsehood, and worshipped and served what was created rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amĕn.


Romans 12:2, “and do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of Yahweh.”


Ephesians 5:26-27, “that he might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word. That he might present her to Himself a glorious congregation, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.”


2 Corinthians 3:18 The Scriptures 1998+  (18)  And we all, as with unveiled face we see as in a mirror the esteem of Yahweh, are being transformed into the same likeness from esteem to esteem, as from Yahweh, the Spirit.


Yahweh can change what you think so you will know the will of Yahweh and how perfect it really is:


*We will be without fault without a spot or a blemish:

*We will be transformed:

*We will be washed in the blood of HaMashiach:

*We will be Set-apart:

*We will be immersed in the Set-apart Spirit:


We can also be excluded from the life of Yahweh.


Ephesians 4:17-18, “This I say, therefore, and testify in , that you should no longer walk as the rest of the ‘Gentiles’ walk, in the utility of their mind. Having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of Yahweh, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their hearts.”


*By confusion, unholyness, having a closed mind and living in darkness.


Why do Yahweh’s people perish?


Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your Elohim, I also will forget your children.”


*Because they don’t know Yahweh and don’t seek the teaching of Yahweh!


From these scriptures we see that for lack of knowledge the people perish. It is Satan’s will to keep men blinded to the Word of Yahweh and the life and the light that is in it. Ignorance of it can exclude us from the life of Yahweh and consequently keep us bound to sin, darkness, misery and the power of the wicked one.


Consequently, the Scriptures are Yahweh’s greatest gift to mankind. From its pages Yahweh Himself directs us in the way we should go, imparting to us wisdom and understanding that we may no longer be slaves of the evil one, but sons of Yahweh; sharing the inheritance of the Believers in light.’


David told to us about the guidance that comes from Yahweh’s word in:


Psalms 119:105, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.”


And the wisdom of Yahweh’s Word in:


Psalms 119: 98-100, “You through your commandments, make me wiser than my enemies. I have more understanding than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation. I understand more than the ancients, because I keep your precepts.”


Yahweh’s word makes us wiser than our enemies:


*Yahweh’s word is a guide for our life.

*Yahweh’s word gives us more insights

*Yahweh’s Word teach us to keep the commandments        


David also tells us what meditation in the Word can do for us:


Psalms 119: 45-46, “and I will walk at liberty for I seek your precepts. I will speak of Your testimonies also before kings and I will not be ashamed.”


*We shall walk in freedom while we keep the commandments.

*We shall spread the Word to everyone and not be   ashamed.


We as believers trust in Yahweh’s Word, so we seek assurances:


Psalms 119: 89, “Forever, O Yahweh, Your Word is settled in heaven.”


Numbers 23: 19, “Yahweh is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should repent. Has he said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will he not make it good?”


Matthew 24: 35, “Heaven and earth will pass, but my Words will by no means pass away.”


*Yahweh’s word will be firm in heaven.

*Yahweh’s promises are always carried out.

*Yahweh has always acted what he spoke.

*Heaven and earth may disappear but Yahweh’s Word will remain.

*Meditation of Yahweh’s word gives life and health to the physical bodies of His Believers.


Proverbs 4:20-22, “My son give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; For they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh.”


*Yahweh’s Words give life to the heart

*Yahweh’s Words give life to our spirit

*Yahweh’s Words gives health to those who listen


Those who listen and keep them in their hearts will always be healed by his Words.


So the definition of meditation in Yahweh’s Words is more than just a casual reading of the scriptures, but seeking diligently the revelation of the Word from Himself.


Psalms 1:1-3, (1)  Blessed is the man who shall not walk in the counsel of the wrong, And shall not stand in the path of sinners, And shall not sit in the seat of scoffers,  (2)  But his delight is in the Torah of Yahweh, And he meditates in His Torah day and night.  (3)  For he shall be as a tree Planted by the rivers of water, that yields its fruit in its season, and whose leaf does not wither, and whatever he does prospers.


If we meditate in Yahweh’s Word day and night we:


*Shall have joy of not being wicked.

*Shall delight in what HE wants.

*Will bear fruit without fail.

*And in everything we do, Shall prosper.


The Word for Born from Above Believers; (John 3:3 The Scriptures 1998+ (3) Yahshua answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born from above, he is unable to see the reign of Elohim.” Footnote: Or perceive.  is a spiritual armor and that armor is the SWORD of the spirit:


Ephesians 6:17, “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of Yahweh:”


The description of the SWORD:


Hebrews 4:12-13 The Scriptures 1998+, (12)  For the Word of Elohim is living, and working, and sharper than any two-edged sword, cutting through even to the dividing of being and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.  (13)  And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all are naked and laid bare before the eyes of Him with whom is our account.


*It is full of living power.

*It cuts deep into our inner most thoughts.

*Nothing can hide from it, everything is exposed.

*We must explain to Yahweh all that we have done.


As we dwell in the Word of Yahweh, its edge cuts away from our lives all things that are offensive and evil. The Word in our mouths pierces the hearts of those who hear us and brings conviction of sin.


We as believers who hear the Word of Yahweh and do it:


Acts 20:32, “And now, brethren, I commend you to Yahweh, and to the word of his favor, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.”


2 Peter 1:4, “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”


*A result of inheritance set apart for Himself.

*He has given us all of his promises.

*We escape all of the evil desires.

*We shall share in Yahweh’s divine nature.


We use the Scriptures, or we should, as a road map in life. The word of Yahweh was given to us so we may live as Yahweh intended. In our daily walk in life, we sometimes forget what the steps are to that intended life. The result of our doing for ourselves instead of allowing Yahweh to do for us, or our down rite disobedience to Yahweh does and will have dire results, as we will see in the next section of this book and the following sections.


We are born with the will to receive for ourselves alone. We must continually transform into the will to receive to help others and to transform into the will to give.


The Scriptures, or “The Road Map Of Life” is that which all people on this planet must use from birth until this tabernacle of clay dissolves. Remember this; Yahshua is coming back make no mistake of that. When? No one on this earth knows and if someone tells you they know, they are liars. Yahshua tells us this:


Matthew 24:30-36, (30)  “And then the sign of the Son of Adam shall appear in the heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth shall mourn, and they shall see the Son of Adam coming on the clouds of the heaven with power and much esteem.  (31)  “And He shall send His messengers with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together His chosen ones from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.  (32)  “And learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that the summer is near.  (33)  “So you also, when you see all these, know that He is near, at the doors.  (34)  “Truly, I say to you, this generation shall by no means pass away until all this takes place.  (35)  “The heaven and the earth shall pass away, but My words shall by no means pass away.  (36)  “But concerning that day and the hour no one knows, not even the messengers of the heavens, but My Father only.1 Footnote:1Mk. 13:32.


Luke 12:40, (40) “And you, then, be ready, for the Son of Adam is coming at an hour you do not expect.”


Rev 22:12, “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”


Repent, turn away from your former sins and declare Yahshua as your Master and Savior, it’s as easy as that.

From the book “The Road Map of Life”, By Dr. James H. Robertson


Chapter 2


The beginning: belief building


For all new believers the first few weeks and months can be very trying and your belief will be tested during your entire lifetime. The preceding chapter in part one can be a good source of belief building and in this section we will attempt to show you how to continue in your belief building in the rest of your life here on the planet earth.


Several ministers recommend that you start in the book of John to get a sense of what the apostles felt about Yahshua, and who Yahshua is! I say who Yahshua is because He is the living Master, He is our resurrected Master. John 1:14, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt with us and we saw His glory, as the glory of the only begotten who is from the Father, who is full of favor and truth.”


To begin as a new born from above believer you must believe that your repentance is from the heart. You must take Yahshua as your Master and Savior and allow Him to live through you. You must allow the Holy Spirit to become a living part of your soul and spirit. You must understand and know that you are a sinner. We are not sinners because we live wrong, but because we were born wrong. We were born spiritually dead and in that condition we fell short of the glory of Yahweh.


Goodness cannot make up for our sins. You see, a lot of people thought that when they died Yahweh would weigh the good things they had done against the bad things they have done and of the good things outweighed the bad, then He would let them go to heaven. But that is not what the Scriptures says. Remember, the wages of sin is death, not goodness. No amount of good works, religious works can pay for sin.


Ephesians 2:8-9 The Scriptures 1998+, (8)  For by favor you have been saved, through belief, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of Yahweh,  (9)  it is not by works, so that no one should boast.


Sha’ul was telling the people of Ephesus, it is a GIFT.


As you know gifts are not free. Somebody pays for them. The Scriptures tells us that Yahweh purchased the gift of salvation for us. It is His gift, offered to anyone who will accept it by belief.


To purchase this gift, Yahweh did something tragic, yet wonderful. You see, the Scriptures explain that Yahshua is Master. That’s what the virgin birth is all about. Mankind was under the penalty of death. That means that if we were to have a Savior, a man would have to die in our place. But, one sinner can’t pay for the sins of another sinner, so this man would have to be perfect; as perfect as his Father!


Now, that’s quite a problem, but Yahweh provided a solution. The Scriptures says that Yahshua made Himself of no reputation and took upon Him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men: and being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the stake, or cross.


Yahshua was that perfect man that died in our place. He died for our sins, all of our sins. Yahshua paid for it all. Isaiah 53:6, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and Yahweh hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”


Yahshua died for our sins so we wouldn’t have to. He paid the price demanded by the Holy justice of Yahweh. That is what the cross at Golgotha is all about. Yahshua died there in our place, but He didn’t stay dead. After three days and nights, he was resurrected to prove that He is indeed the Son of Yahweh and His grave is still empty. That’s why He can offer eternal life as His gift.


The Gospel of John paints a portrait of Yahshua as:

The Son of Yahweh; chapter 1:1-14

The Son of Man; chapter 2:1-10

The Divine Teacher; chapter 3:2-21

The Soul Winner; chapter 4:7-29

The Great Physician; chapter 5:1-9

The Bread of Life; chapter 6:32-58

The Water of Life; chapter 7:37

The Defender of the Weak; chapter 8:3-11

The Light of the World; chapter 9:1-39

The Good Shepherd; chapter 10:1-16

The Prince of Life; chapter 11:1-44

The King; chapter 12:12-15

The Servant; chapter 13:1-10

The Consoler; chapter 14:1-3

The True Vine; chapter 15:1-16

The Giver of the Holy Spirit; chapter 16:1-15

The Great Intercessor; chapter 17:1-26

The Model Sufferer; chapter 18:11

The Uplifted Savior; chapter 19:16-19

The Conqueror of Death; chapter 20:1-31

The Restorer of the Penitent; chapter 21:1-17


As a new believer, you must get to know the Scriptures intimately and that means to study the Scriptures constantly. The more you read and study the more you will understand about Yahweh’s Word and what Yahweh is telling you. You must talk to Yahweh daily, that is by going before Him and praying to Him, and allow Yahweh to talk, or communicate to you and that’s in studying His Word. It really doesn’t matter where you start, but you must start.


The first five books of the Scriptures are called the Torah.

Genesis, (Bereshit)

Exodus, (Shemot)

Leviticus, (Vayikra)

Numbers, (Bamidbar)

Deuteronomy, (Devarim)

These books are the Law.


Then there are the Prophets, (Nevi’im)

Joshua, (Yehoshua)

Judges, (Shofetim)

1 Samuel, (Shmuel Alef)

2 Samuel, (Shmuel Bais)

1 Kings, (Melachim Alef)

2 Kings, (Melachim Bais)

Isaiah, (Yeshayah)

Jeremiah, (Yirmeyah)

Ezekiel, (Yechezkel)

Hosea, (Hosea)

Joel, (Yoel)

Amos, (Amos)

Obadiah, (Ovadyah)

Jonah, (Yonah)

Micah, (Michoh)

Nahum, (Nachum)

Habakkuk, (Chabakuk)

Zephaniah, (Tzefanyah)

Haggai, (Chaggai)

Zechariah, (Zecharyah)

Malachi, (Malachi)


Then there is the writings: (Ketuvim)

Psalms, (Tehillim)

Proverbs, (Mishle)

Job, (Iyov)

Song of Solomon, (Shir Hashirim)

Ruth, (Ruth)

Lamentations, (Ekhah)

Ecclesiastes, (Kohelet)

Ester, (Esth)

Daniel, (Daniyel)

Ezra, (Ezra)

Nehemiah, (Nechemyah)

1 Chronicles, (Divrey Hayamim Alef)

2 Chronicles, (Divrey Hayamim Bais)


The Brit Chadasha, the New Covenant or the Gospels.


Important people you should get to know are the twelve apostles selected by Yahshua. Lean what the differences of the writing styles of the writers of the Gospels.









Get to know the Acts of the Apostles, book of Acts.


The Old Testament or TaNaK is very important to all believers. Without the Old Testament or TaNaK there wouldn’t be a New Testament. When the Scriptures are mentioned in the New Testament they are referring to the Old Testament. Remember, Yahshua did not preach from the King James Version of the Scriptures. That came 1600 years later. The Law or the Torah is as alive today as it was when given to the children of Israel some three thousand four hundred years ago. In the Gospel of Matthew chapter five Yahshua said this: Matthew 5:17, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.”


The only Law that Yahshua fulfilled was the Law of blood sacrifice for sin. Yahshua shed His blood for us to buy our Salvation and for our sins.


Any time that the New Covenant refers to the Old Covenant seek out the Scriptures and study for yourselves the pertinence of the scripture.


Chapter 3




Prayer is the most important part of our lives. Prayer is how we talk to Yahweh. Prayer is how we communicate and how we place our concerns, our wants and needs before our Elohim. Yahweh knows of our wants and needs and our concerns, but we need to bring them unto Yahweh.


1 Kings 8:54  “And it was so, that when Solomon had made an end of praying all this prayer and supplication unto , he arose from before the altar of , from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread up to heaven.”


After Solomon had built the temple to Yahweh, then Yahweh came to Solomon and said:


1 Kings 9:3, “And  said unto him, I have heard thy prayer and thy supplication, that thou hast made before me: I have hallowed this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there forever; and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.”


James, the half brother to Yahshua, said this of prayer:


James 5:13, “Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.”


This Scripture is important in a believer’s life in that James tells us that if any of us are afflicted (causing of pain or suffering or of acute annoyance, embarrassment, or any distress), that we must pray. In any situation asking for prayer is good, but we that are afflicted must pray. James goes on to tell us:


James 5:14-15 The Scriptures 1998, (14) Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the assembly, and let them pray over him, having anointed him with oil in the Name of the Master Yahshua. 

(15)  And the prayer of the belief shall save the sick, and the Master shall raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he shall be forgiven.


So, you see that prayer is one of the most important parts of our everyday life.


1 Timothy 4:4-5, “For every creature of Yahweh is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:  (5) For it is sanctified by the word of Yahweh and prayer.”


Why prayer? Philippians 4:6, “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto Yahweh.”


We must make our request known to Yahweh. Yahweh alone can help you; he is disposed to do it, but you must ask by prayer and supplication (to ask humbly and earnestly). Humbling ourselves to Yahweh is what we must do in order to go to Yahweh with prayer. Humbling in as we can’t do it ourselves and we must go to Yahweh to ask for His help.


Prayer also keeps Satan at bay:

1 Corinthians 7:5, “Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.”


We should do nothing about any situation until we have gone to Yahweh and ask His advice and help in all things.

Romans 12:12, “Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;”

Acts 6:4, “But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.”


We must pray for ourselves in all situations, but the most important is to become intercessors in prayer for others. Healing prayer is a gift for all believers in Yahshua Messiah in that Yahweh is the Great Physician and prayer is the gift from Yahweh for us to use.


A male child was brought to Yahshua for healing and before he was brought to our Master, the apostles tried to cast out the demon in the child, but were unsuccessful. When Yahshua cast out the demon the apostles asked Him why they couldn’t cast out the demon and Yahshua said:


Mark 9:29, “And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”

Prayer, the most important part of our life!


Chapter 4


The Whole Armor of Yahweh!



We as believers must daily take up and put on the whole armor of Yahweh.


Ephesians 6:11-18,

(11) Put on the whole armor of Yahweh, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.


In this way you can take a stand against the devil's strategies.


(12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.


(13) Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of Yahweh, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.


Then you will be able to take a stand during these evil days. Once you have overcome all obstacles, you will be able to stand your ground.


(14) Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

Fasten truth around your waist like a belt. Put on Yahweh's approval as your breastplate.


(15) And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

Put on your shoes so that you are ready to spread the Good News that gives peace.


(16) Above all, taking the shield of belief, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.


In addition to all these, take belief as your shield. With it you can put out all the flaming arrows of the evil one.


(17) And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of Yahweh:

Also take salvation as your helmet and the Word of Yahweh as the sword that the Holy Spirit supplies.


(18) Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; Pray!


Pray in the Spirit in every situation. Use every kind of prayer and request there is. For the same reason be alert. Use every kind of effort and make every kind of request for all of Yahweh's people.


Chapter 5


Picking who to meet with and why.


Is it necessary to commit yourself to a local assembly? I think that the Scriptures say, "Yes." Let me give you six reasons:


1. The Scriptures teaches that every person who accepts Yahshua as Master and Savior also gets a family! Like it or not, the assembly is your family.


When we receive Messiah, we also receive a family.

The Scriptures calls Yahweh your Father (Romans 8:15).


Yahshua is your Brother (Hebrews 2:11), although a special brother indeed! Born from Above believers are called your Brothers and Sisters (James 2:15).


Romans 8:15 “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.”


Hebrews 2:11 HNV, “For both he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are all from one, for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brothers,”


James 2:15 “If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,”


These terms all indicate a close relationship. It may be a relationship, which we would prefer to deny, but we don't have that option. As Believer’s we are family, we are related to each other, and we should be in relationship with one another. To cut ourselves off from our family displeases our heavenly Father.



Philippians 2:1-2 HNV, “If there is therefore any exhortation in Messiah, if any consolation of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any tender mercies and compassion,  (2) make my joy full, by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind;”


2. The Scriptures teaches that every person who becomes a Born from Above Believer is also included in a body.


In Ephesians 4:25, Sha’ul makes a statement that cuts against the grain of our individuality. He says:


Ephesians 4:25 The Scriptures 1998+, (25) Therefore, having put off the false, speak truth, each one with his neighbor, for we are members of one another.


What is Sha’ul saying here? “So then, get rid of lies. Speak the truth to each other, because we are all members of the same body.”

What body? The body of Messiah:


Ephesians 5:29-30 The Scriptures 1998+, (29)  For no one ever hated his own flesh, but feeds and cherishes it, as also the Master does the assembly.  (30)  Because we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones.


Yahweh's purpose does not end with our salvation. It is His further intent to knit His children together into a living body of believers.


1 Corinthians 12:13 “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.”


3. Yahweh's purpose is not just to save you. He is also building something wonderful.


1 Peter 2:4-5 “Drawing near to Him, a living Stone – rejected indeed by men, but chosen by Elohim and precious –  (5)  you also, as living stones, are being built up, a spiritual house, a set-apart priesthood, to offer up spiritual slaughter offerings acceptable to Yahweh through Yahshua Messiah.”


Yahweh's purpose is to bring men to the Living Stone and then to build us together with other stones, Born from Above Believers. A brick by itself is useless. Yahweh's house will be incomplete without you. We are living bricks that must be built together with other bricks to form Yahweh's spiritual house. The Spiritual slaughter offerings from our lips, the offering of ourselves, or the Bulls of our lips as given to us in Hosea: 


Hosea 14:2 Take words with you, and return to Yahweh. Say to Him, “Take away all crookedness, and accept what is good, and we render the bulls of our lips1. Footnote: Heb. 13:15 - bulls, referring to offerings.

Hebrews 13:15  Through Him then, let us continually offer up a slaughter offering of praise to Elohim, that is, the fruit of our lips,1 giving thanks to His Name. Footnote: Or “bulls of our lips”


4. Relationship with other Born from Above Believers is essential for you to be set apart.

1 John 1:7 “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Yahshua Messiah his Son cleanses us from all sin.”


IF we walk in the light, THEN we will fellowship with others, THEN we get our lives clean from sin!

Fellowship forces you to change. A good assembly will motivate you to holiness. Relationship with other Believers is not optional. It is essential for your purity.


5. Strength for a Believer comes from favor. Many of the means of favor are found only in a Body of Believers meeting together.


Hebrews 10:24-25 The Scriptures 1998+, (24) And let us be concerned for one another in order to stir up love and good works,1 Footnote: 1Mt. 16:27.  (25)  not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging, and so much more as you see the Day coming near.


The regular study and teaching of Yahweh's Word is a channel of favor.


Acts 20:32 “And now, brethren, I commend you to Yahweh, and to the word of his favor, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.”


Fellowship, teaching, and worship happen in an assembly. If we remain outside of the assembly, we miss Yahweh's favor through these channels.


And then there is the favor that comes through the channel of spiritual gifts. Yahweh has given every Born from Above Believer a spiritual gift. Kefa says:


1 Peter 4:10 “As each one has received a gift, serve one another, as good trustees of the manifold favor of Elohim..”


If we are not committed to an assembly, then we cut ourselves off from the favor, which comes from the exercise of other people's spiritual gifts.


6. Relationship with other Believers is a command from Yahweh. Our responsibility for regular fellowship with a group of committed believers is clearly stated in Hebrews:

Hebrews 10:24-25 The Scriptures 1998+  (24)  And let us be concerned for one another in order to stir up love and good works,1 Footnote: 1Mt. 16:27.  (25)  Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging, and so much more as you see the Day coming near.


We have a responsibility to stimulate and encourage other Believers. We can only do this if we do not forsake our own assembling. The essential step, which brings us into this kind of relationship, is the same that brings us into proper relationship with Yahweh. If you have already made a commitment to Yahweh, you should follow that with this commitment--to a group of fellow believers.


The qualities to look for as an assembly, allow me to suggest nine qualities:


(1) Do they honor and uplift the Father Yahweh and Yahshua:


Is there a spirit of worship, love and devotion to Him in their gatherings and in their ministry? After a few meetings of an assembly, you can get a sense of who people are really meeting for: themselves, their leader, a liturgy, a reputation, or a cause. The ultimate purpose of all our gatherings ought to be to GLORIFY YAHWEH. Does this congregation honor and glorify the King of the Universe?


(2) Do they respect the authority of Scripture?


If the Scriptures are only man's words or even Yahweh and man's words mixed together, then we are in serious trouble. Find a fellowship that is committed to the Scriptures as Yahweh's inerrant, living Word to man. You and the other members may disagree about what the Book means on some issues, but at least you won't disagree about what the Book is.


(3) Do they make room for the Set-apart Spirit to move?


Now this question will mean different things to you depending upon your view of the Set-apart Spirit's work in this age. Nevertheless, all of us believe the Spirit does something! Does this congregation leave room for Him to work?


Is the leader the only one who can do anything spiritual, or is the Set-apart Spirit allowed to minister through others too? Do you hear any talk about using spiritual gifts to build up and help others? Is this assembly so bound by a rigid traditionalism or a denominational straight jacket that Yahweh isn't allowed to bring Biblically motivated change, to provide guidance, or to inspire action?


(4) Do they exhibit a warm, friendly caring attitude?


That isn't a question that you ask just so that you will feel comfortable. This question is important, because all of us need to learn how to be loving and caring ourselves. That is part of what we are to be, as Believers, and it doesn't come naturally. Caring is an attitude that is more caught than taught, so find an assembly that has a loving atmosphere to breathe.


(5) Do they seek to work out their belief in practical day-to-day living?


A man said to me once, I'm looking for an assembly where the people are seven-day-a-week believers. Is that what your people are? That was a good question, but a very important one to ask. Ask it of the Congregation you visit.


(6) Do they build interpersonal relationships among themselves that go beyond merely attending services?


If they only minister to other Believers is a programmed ministry, or the only sharing and relating what happens is programmed fellowship, then a serious problem exists. Body-life (the "one another" commandments in the New Testament) should eventually flow from the hearts and lives of every Brother and Sister.


(7) Are they open to fellowship with other Believer groups:


An assembly, which recognizes the spiritual unity of the universal Body of Messiah, should be willing to pray for and support other legitimate True Believing fellowships. Any extreme separatism or individualism is not the pattern we see among the assemblies. Extreme separatism is the pattern of cults, not the Congregation of true Believers.


(8) Is there accountability?


We acknowledge the need for accountability in every other sphere of life. Why should we deny our need for accountability in spiritual things?

Be accountable for all monies brought in to the assembly.


(9) Are they Sabbath keepers?***

Exodus 20:8-11 The Scriptures 1998+ (8) “Remember the Sabbath day, to set it apart.  (9)  “Six days you labor, and shall do all your work, (10) but the seventh day is a Sabbath1 of Yahweh your Elohim. You do not do any work – you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. Footnote: 1There are other Sabbaths, but this is the weekly Sabbath.  (11)  “For in six days Yahweh made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore Yahweh blessed the Sabbath day and set it apart.


*** The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week not the first day. (Saturday 7th day, Sunday 1st day) The day’s from the time of Moses has not changed; the days are the same even today.



Are the steps of Matthew 18:15-20 followed?


Matthew 18:15-20 The Scriptures 1998+, (15) “And if your brother sins against you, go and reprove him, between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.  (16)  “But if he does not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word might be established.’  (17)  “And if he refuses to hear them, say it to the assembly. And if he refuses even to hear the assembly, let him be to you like a gentile and a tax collector.  (18)  “Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind1 on earth shall be having been bound1 in heaven, and whatever you loosen1 on earth shall be having been loosened1 in heaven. Footnote: 1Binding and loosening is Hebrew idiom for exercising authority (to prohibit and permit).  (19)  “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning any matter that they ask, it shall be done for them by My Father in the heavens.  (20)  “For where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I am in their midst.”


Does anyone care if you fall into sin, and what will they do about it? Accountability need not be threatening. Find a group that will speak the truth to you in love.

Ephesians 4:15 “But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Messiah:”


If the answer to some of the above questions is yes, then you are probably getting close to a good Congregation. Remember that you will not find the perfect group. Besides, even if you did, you couldn't join it, because after you did, it would no longer be perfect.


What you are looking for is not a congregation to feel just comfortable in, but a congregation that will help you to grow and give you opportunities to serve others. The body of believers in Yahshua is not a country club. It's a community of servants, a school of spirituality, and a worshipping priesthood.


Chapter 6


Yahweh’s Word


Deuteronomy 6:4-9,

9 “Hear, O Yisrael: Yahweh our Elohim, Yahweh is one!  (5)  “And you shall love Yahweh your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your might.  (6)  “And these Words which I am commanding you today shall be in your heart,  (7)  and you shall impress them upon your children, and shall speak of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up,


Repeat them to your children. Talk about them when you're at home or away, when you lie down or get up, at work or play in the mall or the grocery store, WITNESS!


(8)  and shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  (9)  “And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates. Let people see the Word of Yahweh in your house and on your house.


Yahweh has commanded us to keep His words in our hearts and in our minds and in order to do this we must study Yahweh’s Word. To study Yahweh’s Word we must open the Scriptures and do just that. You must take a time each and every day to get into the Word of Yahweh.


Romans 10:17, “So then belief cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of Yahweh.”


By studying the Word of Yahweh we hear what Yahweh’s will is for us. Yahshua told us in the Gospel of Matthew:


Matthew 28:19-20  “Therefore, go and make taught ones of all the nations, immersing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Set-apart Spirit,  (20)  teaching them to guard all that I have commanded you. And see, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” Amien.


In order to teach all nations as believers we must learn the Word of Yahweh in order to share the Word with all mankind. Learning means to study and by hearing we build our belief and am able to do the will of Yahweh.


2 Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is given by inspiration of Yahweh, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”


The Scriptures is inspired by Yahweh! Yahweh’s Word is useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has Yahweh's approval.


2 Timothy 4:2, Proclaim the Word! Be urgent in season, out of season. Reprove,1 warn, appeal, with all patience and teaching. Footnote: 1 or: confute, or prove them wrong.


Be ready to spread the word whether or not the time is right. Point out errors, warn people, and encourage them. Be very patient when you teach. In order to do this you must study the Scriptures and learn them!


Chapter 7


Things that Believers must contend with:


Christmas and Easter

These are a pagan celebrations not authorized by the Creator of the universe.


The DePascha Computus, an anonymous document believed to have been written in North Africa around 243 CE, placed Jesus birth on March 28.  Clement, a bishop of Alexandria (d. ca. 215 CE), thought Jesus was born on November 18.  Based on historical records, Fitzmyer guesses that Jesus birth occurred on September 11, 6 BCE.


II.     How Did Christmas Come to Be Celebrated on December 25?


A.    Roman pagans first introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25.  During this period, Roman courts were closed, and Roman law dictated that no one could be punished for damaging property or injuring people during the weeklong celebration.  The festival began when Roman authorities chose “an enemy of the Roman people” to represent the “Lord of Misrule.”  Each Roman community selected a victim whom they forced to indulge in food and other physical pleasures throughout the week.  At the festival’s conclusion, December 25th, Roman authorities believed they were destroying the forces of darkness by brutally murdering this innocent man or woman.


B.    The ancient Greek writer poet and historian Lucian (in his dialogue entitled Saturnalia) describes the festival’s observance in his time.  In addition to human sacrifice, he mentions these customs: widespread intoxication; going from house to house while singing naked; rape and other sexual license; and consuming human-shaped biscuits (still produced in some English and most German bakeries during the Christmas season).


C.    In the 4th century CE, Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival hoping to take the pagan masses in with it.  Christian leaders succeeded in converting to Christianity large numbers of pagans by promising them that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia as Christians.[2]


D.    The problem was that there was nothing intrinsically Christian about Saturnalia. To remedy this, these Christian leaders named Saturnalia’s concluding day, December 25th, to be Jesus’ birthday.


E.      Christians had little success, however, refining the practices of Saturnalia.  As Stephen Nissenbaum, professor history at the University of Massachussetts, Amherst, writes, “In return for ensuring massive observance of the anniversary of the Savior’s birth by assigning it to this resonant date, the Church for its part tacitly agreed to allow the holiday to be celebrated more or less the way it had always been.”  The earliest Christmas holidays were celebrated by drinking, sexual indulgence, singing naked in the streets (a precursor of modern caroling), etc.


F.      The Reverend Increase Mather of Boston observed in 1687 that “the early Christians who first observed the Nativity on December 25 did not do so thinking that Christ was born in that Month, but because the Heathens’ Saturnalia was at that time kept in Rome, and they were willing to have those Pagan Holidays metamorphosed into Christian ones.”[3] Because of its known pagan origin, Christmas was banned by the Puritans and its observance was illegal in Massachusetts between 1659 and 1681.[4]  However, Christmas was and still is celebrated by most Christians.


G.    Some of the most depraved customs of the Saturnalia carnival were intentionally revived by the Catholic Church in 1466 when Pope Paul II, for the amusement of his Roman citizens, forced Jews to race naked through the streets of the city.  An eyewitness account reports, “Before they were to run, the Jews were richly fed, so as to make the race more difficult for them and at the same time more amusing for spectators.  They ran… amid Rome’s taunting shrieks and peals of laughter, while the Holy Father stood upon a richly ornamented balcony and laughed heartily.”[5]


H.     As part of the Saturnalia carnival throughout the 18th and 19th centuries CE, rabbis of the ghetto in Rome were forced to wear clownish outfits and march through the city streets to the jeers of the crowd, pelted by a variety of missiles. When the Jewish community of Rome sent a petition in1836 to Pope Gregory XVI begging him to stop the annual Saturnalia abuse of the Jewish community, he responded, “It is not opportune to make any innovation.”[6]  On December 25, 1881, Christian leaders whipped the Polish masses into Anti-Semitic frenzies that led to riots across the country.  In Warsaw 12 Jews were brutally murdered, huge numbers maimed, and many Jewish women were raped.  Two million rubles worth of property was destroyed.


III.     The Origins of Christmas Customs


A.     The Origin of Christmas Tree

Just as early Christians recruited Roman pagans by associating Christmas with the Saturnalia, so too worshippers of the Asheira cult and its offshoots were recruited by the Church sanctioning “Christmas Trees”.[7]  Pagans had long worshipped trees in the forest, or brought them into their homes and decorated them, and this observance was adopted and painted with a Christian veneer by the Church.


Jeremiah 10:2-5, (2)  Thus said Yahweh, “Do not learn the way of the gentiles,1 and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the gentiles are awed by them.2 Footnotes: 1Lev. 18:3, Dt. 12:30 & 18:9, Ezek. 11:12 & 20:32, Eph. 4:17, 1 Peter 4:3. 2Dt. 4:19 & 17:3.  (3)  “For the prescribed customs of these peoples are worthless, for one cuts a tree from the forest, work for the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool.  (4)  “They adorn it with silver and gold, they fasten it with nails and hammers so that it does not topple.  (5)  “They are like a rounded post, and they do not speak. They have to be carried, because they do not walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they do no evil, nor is it in them to do any good.”


B.     The Origin of Mistletoe

Norse mythology recounts how the god Balder was killed using a mistletoe arrow by his rival god Hoder while fighting for the female Nanna.  Druid rituals use mistletoe to poison their human sacrificial victim.[8]  The Christian custom of “kissing under the mistletoe” is a later synthesis of the sexual license of Saturnalia with the Druidic sacrificial cult.[9]


C.     The Origin of Christmas Presents

In pre-Christian Rome, the emperors compelled their most despised citizens to bring offerings and gifts during the Saturnalia (in December) and Kalends (in January).  Later, this ritual expanded to include gift-giving among the general populace.  The Catholic Church gave this custom a Christian flavor by re-rooting it in the supposed gift-giving of Saint Nicholas (see below).[10]


D.     The Origin of Santa Claus


a.       Nicholas was born in Parara, Turkey in 270 CE and later became Bishop of Myra.  He died in 345 CE on December 6th.  He was only named a saint in the 19th century.


b.      Nicholas was among the most senior bishops who convened the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE and created the New Testament.  The text they produced portrayed Jews as “the children of the devil”[11] who sentenced Jesus to death.


c.       In 1087, a group of sailors who idolized Nicholas moved his bones from Turkey to a sanctuary in Bari, Italy.  There Nicholas supplanted a female boon-giving deity called The Grandmother, or Pasqua Epiphania, who used to fill the children's stockings with her gifts.  The Grandmother was ousted from her shrine at Bari, which became the center of the Nicholas cult.  Members of this group gave each other gifts during a pageant they conducted annually on the anniversary of Nicholas’ death, December 6.


d.      The Nicholas cult spread north until it was adopted by German and Celtic pagans.  These groups worshipped a pantheon led by Woden –their chief god and the father of Thor, Balder, and Tiw.  Woden had a long, white beard and rode a horse through the heavens one evening each Autumn.  When Nicholas merged with Woden, he shed his Mediterranean appearance, grew a beard, mounted a flying horse, rescheduled his flight for December, and donned heavy winter clothing.


e.       In a bid for pagan adherents in Northern Europe, the Catholic Church adopted the Nicholas cult and taught that he did (and they should) distribute gifts on December 25th instead of December 6th.


f.        In 1809, the novelist Washington Irving (most famous his The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle) wrote a satire of Dutch culture entitled Knickerbocker History.  The satire refers several times to the white bearded, flying-horse riding Saint Nicholas using his Dutch name, Santa Claus.


g.       Dr. Clement Moore, a professor at Union Seminary, read Knickerbocker History, and in 1822 he published a poem based on the character Santa Claus: “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in the hope that Saint Nicholas soon would be there…”  Moore innovated by portraying a Santa with eight reindeer who descended through chimneys.


h.       The Bavarian illustrator Thomas Nast almost completed the modern picture of Santa Claus.  From 1862 through 1886, based on Moore’s poem, Nast drew more than 2,200 cartoon images of Santa for Harper’s Weekly.  Before Nast, Saint Nicholas had been pictured as everything from a stern looking bishop to a gnome-like figure in a frock.  Nast also gave Santa a home at the North Pole, his workshop filled with elves, and his list of the good and bad children of the world.  All Santa was missing was his red outfit.


In 1931, the Coca Cola Corporation contracted the Swedish commercial artist Haddon Sundblom to create a coke-drinking Santa.  Sundblom modeled his Santa on his friend Lou Prentice, chosen for his cheerful, chubby face.  The corporation insisted that Santa’s fur-trimmed suit be bright, Coca Cola red.  And Santa was born – a blend of Christian crusader, pagan god, and commercial idol.


"The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible says that Easter was originally the spring festival in honor of the Teutonic goddess of light and spring known in Anglo-Saxon as Eastre, or Eostre. In any case, the Encyclopedia Britannica (11th Edition) states: 'There is no indication of the observance of the Easter festival in the New Testament.' "The book Medieval Holidays and Festivals tells us that the holiday is named after the pagan Goddess of the Dawn and of Spring, Eostre. And who was this goddess? Eostre it was who, according to the legend, opened the portals of Valhalla to receive Baldur, called the White God, because of his purity and also the Sun God, because his brow supplied light to mankind, answers The American Book of Days. It adds: 'There is no doubt that the Church in its early days adopted the old pagan customs and gave a Christian meaning to them. As the festival of Eostre was in celebration of the renewal of life in the spring it was easy to make it a celebration of the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, whose gospel they preached.'


"This adoption explains how in certain lands the Easter customs, such as Easter eggs, the Easter rabbit, and hot cross buns, came about. Concerning the custom of making hot cross buns, with their shiny brown tops marked by a cross, the book Easter and Its Customs states: The cross was a pagan symbol long before it acquired everlasting significance from the events of the first Good Friday, and bread and cakes were sometimes marked with it in pre-Christian times.


"The book Curiosities of Popular Customs answers: It was the invariable policy of the early Church to give a Christian significance to such of the extant pagan ceremonies as could not be rooted out. In the case of Easter the conversion was peculiarly easy. Joy at the rising of the natural sun, and at the awakening of nature from the death of winter, became joy at the rising of the Sun of righteousness, at the resurrection of Christ from the grave. Some of the pagan observances that took place about the 1st of May were also shifted to correspond with the celebration of Easter. So Easter is actually a Pagan ritual that was absorbed by the church.


Easter was originally a celebration of the fertility god Ashtoreth of Babylon. More commonly known as Ishtar (Easter) is the praise of fertility, (eggs) birth, (mother and child) and was incorporated into celebration of Jesus resurrection because the catholic church didn't want to stop the pagan worship they folded it into ours to keep the peace and money flowing. It will be exposed and punished severely in the near future by King Jesus. The Christians first celebrated this holiday, because Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, (Easter).


Chapter 8




God – Not a name, this is a title that the English speaking people gave to the Creator. This title has been formed by the name of Gad and Gud.


Isaiah 65:11, “But you are those who forsake Yahweh, who forget My set-apart mountain, who prepare a table for Gad, and who fill a drink offering for Meni.


Joshua 11:17 (17)  from Mount Halaq that goes up to Seir, and as far as Ba’al Gad, in the Valley of Lebanon below Mount Hermon. And he captured all their sovereigns, and smote them and killed them.

Gad is a Canaanite deity of Good Luck or Fortune. Gad and Gud in Hebrew is GD.  The translators just added a “o” to it to mean God. Gud is used as the Scandinavian might one of ODEN. Meni is the deity of the moon from the Canaanites. 


Jesus – from the Greek “Iesous” translated into English as Jesus. From the Greek English Lexicon, Iaso and Iesou as the Greek Deity of healing. There are four Greek deity’s with that name, Bacchus is one of them and it is also the Roman house deity.


Lord – Ba’al is translated from Hebrew to Greek and to English as LORD. The Greek changed the name of the Creator from its Hebrew Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei, to kurios, another name for Ba’al or the name of: Beelzebub is in 2 Kings 1:2-3, 6, 16. Ba‘al Zəbûb is variously understood to mean "lord of the flies or "lord of the dwelling. Originally the name of a Philistine deity. It is also the name given to Satan.

Exodus 20:7  “You do not bring1 the Name of Yahweh your Elohim to naught, for Yahweh does not leave the one unpunished who brings His Name to naught. Footnote: 1Or lift up, or take.

Jeremiah 23:26-27, “Till when shall it be in the heart of the prophets? – the prophets of falsehood and prophets of the deceit of their own heart,  (27)  who try to make My people forget My Name by their dreams which everyone relates to his neighbor, as their fathers forgot My Name for Ba’al.

Psalms 68:4, Sing to Elohim, sing praises to His Name. Raise up a highway for Him Who rides through the deserts, By His Name Yah, And exult before Him.

Psalms 105:1, Give thanks to יהוה! Call upon His Name; Make known His deeds among the peoples.


Isaiah 12:4, And in that day you shall say, “Praise יהוה, call upon His Name; make known His deeds among the peoples, make mention that His Name is exalted.


1 Chronicles 16:8, Give thanks to יהוה, call upon His Name, Make known His deeds among the peoples!


You see the Creator’s name in the Hebrew: Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei. This was changed by the translators into God, G-d, Lord, L-rd. In Hebrew they also changed אלהים Elohim which is Master and Judge to God and Lord.


Understand, there are no “J’s” in Hebrew, or Aramaic and there are no “J’s” in Greek. So what you may ask; The Bible is translated or transliterated from the above languages. The fist use of a “J” was about the 15th century.


So, if you call upon the Creator, or His Son by the Lord or Jesus or God, you are calling them by the name of Ba’al or the adversary as HaSatan.

Hwhy     [Vwhy


Yahweh being the name of the Creator and Yahshua being the name of His Son. DO NOT change their Names and call upon His Name.



I do hope this does make clear what to do and why to follow Yahweh’s Word and to reach the goal that Yahweh has set forth for you!





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[2] The first mention of a Nativity feast appears in the Philocalian calendar, a Roman document from 354 CE, which lists December 25th as the day of Jesus’ birth.


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Singing Praises


I sit by the lakeside and sing to my Savior,

From out of my heart, songs of praise,

I thank him for all that he's ever created,

This beauty upon which I gaze,

I thank him for friendships, some short, some enduring,

That help to make my life complete,

In this world of silence with my heart I listen,

As I sit at my Saviors feet.


I thank him for loved ones though most are in heaven,

As they answered our Savior’s call,

But they left a legacy, one that I treasure,

Pure love, upon which I call,

For love just like faith transcends both time and space,

Manifests itself in many ways,

And that is why I know that my Savior loves me,

That's why my heart now sings his praise.


To gaze to the heavens and know what awaits me,

To look to the hills and beyond,

To fly with the eagles above snow capped mountains,

To bathe in a crystal clear pond,

To walk in his grace through lush tropical forests,

To stand on a gold sandy beach,

To know that our Savior is always beside me,

That I'm never out of his reach.


I know my sweet Savior that I'm your creation,

Though some think that I'm incomplete,

For though they know sound and can listen with their ears,

What you gave to me's kind if neat,

I listen with my eyes and talk with my hands,

And with my heart I can discern,

So I thank you Yahshua, in your eyes I'm perfect,

I pray those who think not, will learn.


My Elohim, my Redeemer, my heart it is yours,

And I'll follow you each day I live,

My faith may be childlike, but it shall not falter,

So to you all honor I give,

Though I have no voice Yahweh I still sing your praises, From my heart to your heart they flow,

You answered by giving a wonderful treasure,

This lakeside, where my love can grow.


Siobahn.    23rd September 2003



Numbers 6:24-26 CJB


'Y'varekh'cha Yahweh v'yishmerecha.


May Yahweh bless you and keep you.


Ya'er Yahweh panav eleicha vichunecha.


May Yahweh make his face shine on you and show you his favor.


Yissa Yahweh panav eleicha v'yasem l'cha shalom.


May Yahweh lift up his face toward you and give you peace.'


Dr. James H. Robertson

Beyth Lechem